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Is Your Business Losing Money Because Of Bad Reviews?

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The Management Of Your Online Reputation Is Essential otherwise

80% of consumers will move to another website or brand after seeing a single bad review. Is this happening to your business?

Bad online reviews could be costing your business thousands per month in missed sales.

7 out of 10 business owners are not even aware of what is being said online about their companies.

72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends.

Fast Action Is Essential To Protect Your Business.

Discover What` s Being Said Online About Your Business.

Try Our Free 60 Second Business Checkup And See The Results In Real Time.

Introducing Repwarn The Total Online Solution For Managing Your Online Presence.

Repwarn is your 24/7 online guardian monitoring the net for any mentions of your business, brand, products services and staff and even your children.

Alerts can be set up using keywords that will notify you of anything posted online about your business that you can respond to in seconds.

Mentions can be sent to your email or you can download our app to your smartphone and be notified while you are on the go.

Repwarn will monitor any mentions of your company, products or staff 24/7 giving you total peace of mind and leaving you to manage your business.

You can set alerts for keywords and have the alerts delivered to your email or direct to your smartphone within seconds of being posted.

This gives you the opportunity to reply direct to the news feed of the person who has posted something and reply to the post in seconds.

Who Would Benefit From Repwarn?

Any business either private or public sector, charities, hospitals, healthcare, care homes and particularly schools.

Large multi nationals to local hair salons and ​wedding boutiques, car repairs and car parts suppliers the list is endless.

Set Alerts In Repwarn For Your Products, Brands, Staff Or Any Mention Of Your Business On The Net.

Repwarn allows you to answer straight into the newsfeed of whoever has posted a negative comment​ and very often by a quick response can overcome the original complaint.

Remember that very often a consumer would rather tell their friends of a complaint on social media than contacting you directly.

Cyber Bullying.

Any individual, parent or school who wants to protect the people (children) they value most​ from online attacks and threats.

By setting an alert for the childs name, their school, their friends or even their teachers Repwarn will search social media for any mentions that may make parents or teachers aware of online bullying.

Repwarn searches online and updates every two minutes so mentions of a child can be sent to your smartphone within minutes of being posted.